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Meet Edward
He brings to his teaching 17 awards, 3 university degrees, and dozens of notable successes. More importantly: he has been in your shoes. The doubt, the discouragement, the uncertainty? He's lived it, he gets it, and he knows how to help you break through it.

His teaching philosophy is this: no bullshit, just the goods, with love.

Don't waste your most valuable resource. Invest your time in a bona fide guide who makes it count.

1,000+ outstanding student outcomes

25,000+ hours of professional experience

17 First Place Competitive Awards

3 University Degrees with Full Honors

Students performing across the globe in pop, rock, musical theater, R&B, classical, opera, sacred, and choral groups

Read Edward's background story, browse student reviews, or get in touch with a question.

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You should study with Edward if...

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You want an accelerant for your growth

You are dedicated to unlocking your potential

You are tired of "salesman" teachers

You want to invest your time with a high impact, bona fide teacher

You shouldn't study with Edward if...

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You're looking for a guru to solve your problems for you

You think it's going to be easy (transformation takes work)

You want feel-good clickbait

You're not willing to be challenged

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