I earned $1,064,023 by working the university system

I earned $1,064,023 by working the university system.

Let me show you how:

I went to Mercer University for my undergraduate degree and Indiana University for two graduate degrees.

The cost of attending Mercer is $59,482 a year and the cost of Indiana University is $53,860 a year.

I spent 4 years at Mercer ($237,928), and 4 years at IU ($215,440) for a total of $453,368.

At 30 years of paying that back at a 6.8% (the standard student loan interest rate), the total in interest payments alone on that cost is $610,655.

Meaning that the actual cost of that education can be summarized as $1,064,023: the principal ($453,368) plus the interest ($610,655).

More than a million dollars.

Education costs are bananas. It could even be potentially argued that student loans are destroying as many futures as colleges are improving!

I was given an unfair advantage, though. Early in life, I was taught how to work the university system. Using those skills, I was able to turn mediocre scholarship offers into full ride offers. These are life changing skills.

Both at Mercer and IU, I received less-than-wonderful scholarship offers.

And then both at Mercer and IU, I was able to work the system to turn those into full ride offers, completely covering all costs.

It was a royal pain in the butt. The scholarships for each of my 3 degrees took many, many months of work.

Which sounds like a painful process until I remember: that’s months of work, to earn $1,064,023. It was the best return on investment I’ve ever had.

I’ve been looking for more ways that I can have more impact with my teaching. So I am taking all of my lessons from the full ride scholarships, and putting them into a course to teach you to do the same.

Professionals going back to school, grad students, parents, and high schoolers: this one’s for you.

I won’t solve the student debt crisis. But I hope I can help a few thousand people like you go to school for free, and have an impact that way.

If you are motivated to avoid a lifetime of debt and want to learn how I did it, I want to share that with you. It’s tough, and absolutely worth it. In my case, worth $1,064,023.

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October 15, 2023