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Choir Snacks.

Choir Snacks will help you sing freely in 5 minutes a day.

Choir Snacks condenses 20+ years of voice coaching experience into just 5 minutes a day for 4 weeks.

So far, Choir Snacks has helped more than 3,000 singers successfully improve their vocal abilities in a private, welcoming, and inspiring environment.

"It is so, so hard to find quality voice teachers online. Edward does a fantastic job of teaching, and explaining difficult concepts in a simple way."

- Nikolai Fredriksen, Singer

"Whoever ends up working with Edward, colleague or student, is changed."

- Summer Aebker, Lecturer of Voice, Ohio Northern University

"Whether you are a beginner like me or more advanced vocalist, Edward will get you to the next level."

- Ian Rabensteine, Student

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Edward Atkinson 👋

When I was young, I was bullied for wanting to sing. That’s hardly an uncommon story. I actually became ashamed of my voice and my body, and I refused to sing for about 10 years of my life.

But I still wanted to sing! So I began investing time with some extraordinary teachers.

Thanks to their guidance, I was able to go from “I literally can’t sing a scale to save my life” all the way to:

  • singing concerts for 1,000s of people in America and Europe
  • leading professional choirs
  • recording on dozens of studio albums
  • winning voice competitions
  • earning 3 music degrees, and more.

And the reason I share all that is so you know that your teacher has walked the walk from absolutely ground zero all the way up to this other level that I never had dreamed I was capable of reaching.

Transforming your voice is 100% possible: I know that both as a student and as a teacher.

And if you fancy learning from me to massively reduce your learning curve, you're in the right place.

Edward Atkinson, B.M., M.M., P.D.

Background & Education

Learning Outcomes

  • Take an unimpeded, powerful breath
  • Understand scientifically accurate breath support
  • Increased vocal range and agility
  • Be able to teach yourself to sing
  • Increased vocal stamina
  • Combine inhalation, support, and phonation with ease

Who This Course Is For

Choral singers and soloists seeking to improve their singing in 5 minute chunks a day.

Required Materials

  • Notebook and pen
  • Backpack
  • Straw

How the Course Works

  • Sign Up via Udemy (third party site used to deliver the course content)
  • You are provided extremely focused, 5-minute guided sessions to methodically build your skills.
  • Take one practice session a day, for 4 weeks.
  • That's it!

You are going to love where you end up at the end of this course!

Are there any course prerequisites?

  • An enthusiasm to sing
  • A willingness to try new things
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Choir Snacks is currently invite-only to provide the best possible support experience to students.

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