Whatever you focus on grows

Or, another way I put it is:

Whatever you do, there will be more of.

Tony Robbins likes to folks-ify it this way: “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

But philosophers, scientists, and coaches all say the same thing in their lingo as well.

Because it is a law of human psychology, and it can teach us the proper way to interact with reality.

There is a negative expression to the law. If once, you don’t pick up a piece of litter, you are more likely to not pick up the next piece you see.

And there's a positive expression. If you fight through lethargy to go to the gym, you'll find more of that fighting spirit tomorrow. Or if you tell the truth, you will be still more courageous the next time you are confronted with a difficult situation.

I have used this to root out bad habits. When I engage in a bad habit, I like to ask myself: do I want there to be more of that in my life? It's a non-judgmental question that helps me to assess my behavior, and make a new choice.

I have used this in building new habits. I wanted to get better at fasting. So when I was struggling with cravings, I would ask myself, do I want more of the discipline and focus that I feel when I fast?

Whatever I do, there will be more of.

November 13, 2023