Now that's sexy

Cars are sexy.

A brand is sexy.

That word is spread so thin, it’s hard to nail down a definition.

So here's one: something sexy instantly provokes a feeling of attraction.

The following sentence will not surprise you: anyone over the age of 14 knows that that feeling of desire and motivation can be a ruse.

So is sexy what any of us are really after? No. (Not in the long term anyways!)

My personal answer to what am I after is growth, happiness, and meaning.

And following what is sexy has produced predicably poor results.

But I’ve finally settled on what actually does produce growth, happiness, and meaning: embracing discomfort and taking risks in the service of others.

Please don’t think I’m good at this: I fail 10x a day. (More like 80x.)

But at least at this point in my life, I know the horse to get back up on. “Embracing discomfort and taking risks in the service of others.” It's a good horse. It's a reliable horse. And it gets me where I want to go.

Now that's sexy.

October 19, 2023