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The course experience

The courses you see merge the best in-person teaching models with the best that the digital world has to offer, all led by a world class instructor.

Each course includes a glide path of development, paired with guided practice that, time after time, students have found transformative.

Your learning outcomes are first and foremost determined by the quality and experience of the instructor. Read Edward's bio and student testimonials and course reviews.

But there is something else that sets these courses apart.

The difference

In-person learning's primary advantages are (1) real-time feedback, (2) positive community peer pressure, and (3) a genuine relationship with a mentor. All 3 are found in these courses!

In each course led by Edward Atkinson, you will have access to an always free community of peers who are similarly motivated, sharing their discoveries, and sharing their work.

You will learn to give and receive real-time feedback with your peers: both crucial skills in accelerating your learning!

And, Edward heavily participates in the private community himself, bringing thoughtful, diligent, and caring mentorship to students.