Why does learning cost money?

Some learning is free. Some costs dollars.

Let's talk about it.

You've probably heard "anyone can learn anything, just use the internet!" I used to think that was true. But, in point of fact, it is not.

You live on this green rock spinning through the stars for a brilliant little burst of time. And then you are gone. A third of your time is used sleeping. Another third working. In the remaining third, you find romance, raise children, watch movies, walk your dog, call your mom, eat burritos. You have limited hours and limited energy with which to learn. You can not, actually, learn anything on the internet because your time horizon isn't infinite.

Your time is finite. It is wasting. And at the same time, however, where you spend it is compounding.

Time is a wasting resource: the only amount you have of it, is less than you had before. It is also a compounding resource: where you spend your time is a store of value, layering and layering upon itself, year after year, growing in potency. Your incremental time investments produce exponential returns. Whatever you do regularly, you will see logarithmic growth in.

So let's recap: your time is finite, wasting, but compounding. Using it wisely is the number one concern of the wise. And that is why it costs money to learn.

Because exceptional learning is a time machine that brings your future improved self into the present at a vastly accelerated rate.

And as a secondary effect:

Exceptional learning even further compounds your growth by maximizing today's finite time and energy.

I can teach you, in 10 lessons what will take you 10 years to learn on your own. That's not bullshit. Ask my students. Or take a course. It's simply a product of a teacher having 25,000+ hours of professional experience who is good at it.

Teach yourself with free tips and tricks on YouTube, with your finite evening hours. Or study with "ad agency" teachers with gorgeous 4K videos who know how to entertain, but not how to change you. Eventually, you hit a wall, you spin your wheels, become discouraged, and quit. That's okay. I would too.

Alternatively, give yourself the gift of time and bring your future improved self into the present much, much faster. Do it right, the first time, with a guide who understands what it takes.

So yes. I charge dollars to access my courses. Because it is of extraordinarily value to you and because effective learning is a time machine.

Now here's the twist.

In a private studio setting, the amount of instruction time from one of my online courses would cost you $2,000 to $2,500, in addition to travel time, and wear on your car. It is ridiculously cheap to take courses from a teacher with bona fide experience and skill online. For a few bucks, you can have access to months of learning from an award winning teacher with a student track record that proves the investment is worthwhile. Not bad.

Some people asked me why do I do it: I teach online, in addition to my private studio, because I thrive when I help others grow. I want to impact more people. I want to share the best of what I've found on my own journey. I love getting to do that in my private studio, but I adore getting to do it online. I get to positively impact thousands of lives a year, in a way that is affordable to so many more people. I do it because I love it. I charge because it's worth it to you. And I charge less than I could because I want to be generous with my blessings.

Enough about me.

Get outta here and get growing.

November 23, 2021