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If you're a fan of what I'm doing, please consider becoming a patron so I can continue creating independently published music, art, and education. Why patronage?

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Why patronage?

Generous patronage has been the lifeblood behind the greatest works in human history. That's partly because it supports the artist, yes. But it does two things which are much more important: it frees the art from becoming a transaction, and it makes the art available to the world.

The patron demands the best from the artist, not the "most likely to sell." The tension between patron and artist has inspired the greatest works in history, while the tension between commerce and artist has produced in-flight magazines and flashy fads that fade in days. My goal is to create high impact education and recordings of transcendent beauty, not whose purpose is to sell.

The internet has enabled a new type of distributed patronage for a New Renaissance, revolutionizing art and the artist alike. No longer does the artist work at the Renaissance court of Duke Such-and-Such. The artist works for the new patrons, a team of passionate supporters and fans.

Anything I've done in life, I've never done alone. If you're reading this, you're a part of this journey — and I need your help to take the next step.

The Goal: 1,000 patrons

The goal is to reach 1,000 supportive patrons, at any level, by May 2021.

This funds independent publishing and creation of all of my writing, recording projects, videos, and courses, to be published here on this website, without ads. I’m completely committed to publishing independently, without ads.

The more patrons, the more I create. Patronage creates the time opportunity for me to put my highest quality energy into content creation, course design, video production, and new projects.

I've been creating professionally for two decades. I'm proud of what I've built so far.  But I want to create and publish at a high frequency, distributed as widely as possible. I need your faith and help to do that.

Here's where we stand today (June 25, 2020), at 106 patrons!

What Your Patronage Does

How can I become a Superfan?

To become a super fan, sign up for Ambassador membership. 6 days past, a self-destructing message will appear in your inbox with further instructions. If you think this means you'll be becoming a superhero in the life of an artist, trust your instincts.