Brad wanted a site that: looks chic and unique, loads crazy fast, and reflects his personality. What is his personality? Brad's a humble dude *and* a major talent who makes everyone around him a better artist. Easy to work with, hard to ignore. And we had a fantastic time working together.

Check out this sweet stat: loads on your first visit in less than 300 milliseconds. That's about 10 flaps of a hovering hummingbird's wings. All pages after that load in <100 milliseconds. About 7 flaps. That's a sweeter stat than the sugar water I used to bait the hummingbird for our silly speed test.

I went full nerd on delivering Brad a proper, bloat-free, modern website, built right from the top to bottom. Ultra clear readability. Stylish aesthetic. Disciplined design system. Responsive any-screen-size-ever rendering. Retina images. Color palette based on Brad's Blue Suit (TM). Content served on cutting edge server stacks in North America, Europe, and Asia, ensuring insanely rapid load times no matter where you check out Brad.

Major thanks to my boy Brad. I loved having the opportunity to draw on my design, front end dev, and back end dev skillz to create this "healthy and soaring" website to "project a man madly in love."

Brad was an absolute marvel of a client. I'm grateful to you.