It's Been 3 Years

Hi friends,

It’s been 3 years: wow! 😄 I feel like I should re-introduce myself. Hi! I'm Edward Atkinson.

ChatGPT wasn’t around when we recorded the Restoration sacred music album…maybe we could have used it for sound editing? 🥴

The last 3 years in my life have not been an easy journey. (Ever bought a house that got flooded on day 12?!) My family and I also moved from Indiana to Oregon to Cincinnati and I changed jobs 3x. A wild ride, for sure, but I think we’re finally staying put in one place!

Despite the bumps, it’s been wonderfully rewarding. Isn’t that usually how it turns out?

I know I'm writing you today, out of the blue, after 3 years of crickets. But there's a good reason.

I want to give you...

🥳 My 3 masterclasses for free

You're receiving this because you were among the first 100 peoplewho signed up on the Restoration website or edwardatkinson.comwithin a month of the album launch 3 years back.

If my experience of the last 3 years taught me anything, it's gratitude. This is an incredibly small way that I can show gratitude to everyone who supported me and my team to get that album created over a multi-year process.

The 3 courses (that are now yours) are fun, fast-paced, edited down to only the gems. And, while normally super affordable, in your case they're completely free.

The 3 courses enable students to

🎟️ The 300 coupons

There are 100 of you receiving this email, so I’ve created 100 coupons for each course. Each coupon link is here below. Just click the description here in the list:

☝️Just be sure to use or share with a friend before 4/20/2023, since the links do expire in one month.

FYI each course has access to a 24/7 free learning community of peer students, where I participate every day.

👀 I’m not interested

That’s okay, I’m not interested in everything either!

🎁 Forward this email to the young singers or ambitious learners in your life who could benefit. As long as they’re clicking from this email within the next month, they can get lifetime access for free.

📖If a friend in your life isn't a musician, but is in a learning life stage, e.g. high school, college, or seeking career change, they will get a boatload of value from 7 Simple Habits: Unlock Your Brain’s Learning Potential.

(Also, if you have a family member or friend who can’t get in because the coupons are all used up, please reach out to me directly before 4/20/2023 and I’ll make sure they get access.)

Have a wonderful week!

Edward Atkinson

P.S. If you have any questions, please shoot me a direct message from my website. I read and respond to every message.

March 21, 2023