I’m working on repairing some lintels

Hi Friends,

I got a quote on repairing the window lintels on my house. (I had no idea what a lintel was until a few days ago!)

The quote? North of $1,000 to scrape, treat for rust, and paint.

So I looked into doing it myself: it will cost me about $90 in materials and 5 hours of work. That equates to me earning $182 per hour by taking some initiative.

So now I’m working on repairing some lintels!

I have always run calculations like that, to decide if a project is worth the time and effort.

But recently, that's all changed.

My oldest son is now 4 years old. He can climb ladders, scrape, and paint along with the best of them. (Well, maybe not the best...)

Sure, I can “earn” $182 an hour doing all the work myself. But that doesn’t really matter to me anymore.

Now, I get to do the project with my son. He shines with pride as he accomplishes a challenging task. And I get the soul-deep satisfaction of sharing an experience with him. Together, it will probably take us 15 hours instead of 5! And we’ll definitely drop some paint and break some things along the way.

And that’s wonderful.

While it’s important to measure and quantify, none of that matters in the grand equation.

I used to frequently forget that. And I am eternally grateful to my children, every day, for reminding me what actually counts in life.

Here’s to messy, memorable shared experiences!

Have a wonderful week!


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“Humility is freedom from the need to prove you are superior all the time, but egotism is a ravenous hunger in a small space—self-concerned, competitive, and distinction-hungry. Humility is infused with lovely emotions like admiration, companionship, and gratitude.”

- David Brooks in The Road to Character

October 10, 2023