A friend of mine is a doctor who smokes

Hi friends,

A friend of mine is a doctor who smokes. That kind of thing used to surprise me, but it doesn’t even register as a blip anymore.

We’re all just humans! And we humans, of course, are full of contradictions.

I’ll confess I’m personally a mess of contradictions. (Although, I like to think a bit less that way than I used to be!)

I’m not too worried about it, honestly. But I do try to change someof my contradictory habits.

Like how I used to religiously snack at night after the kids went down. This completely undid one of my good habits, regularly working out.

Late night snacking is a sticky habit I tried to break more than a few times. But the sleep deprivation and irregular life schedule of having a few kiddos made it a really tough one to kick. Who doesn’t love a bowl of cereal once the house goes quiet?

So after 4 years of failures, thanks to insights from a Huberman Lab episode, I’ve succeeded in finally breaking the habit and replacing it with a new one!

Here is what I learned that helped me breakthrough:

There’s a great deal more in there if you want to dive deep (whole episode + the show notes), including a granular look at what it takes to break bad habits. But executing actions based on those 3 insights alone were enough to help me kick a number of bad habits, including late night snacking.

I hope this is helpful to you if you’re working on forming or breaking habits!

Have a wonderful week!


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Some people just can’t seem to deal with any uncertainty in their lives, and time and time again they find themselves imprisoned in situations that kill their happiness, push them towards despair and gradually disintegrate their self-esteem. They don’t realise that in their attempt to avoid uncertainty and the short-term discomfort it might bring, they’re actually inadvertently opting for long-term misery. I believe that the happiness you’ll find across all areas of your life – your work, your relationships and everything in between – will positively correlate to your ability to deal with uncertainty.

Steven Bartlett

October 31, 2023