The Arts: Why?

The arts educate the whole person, drawing on every skill set, hope, desire, and human need, to create something meaningful.

The arts are not for the sole purpose of earning a profit; this is their strength.

The arts inspire us to strive beyond the basic demands of survival, beyond animal needs.

The arts teach us to see humanity in the eyes of a stranger.

The arts teach us to listen more and shout less.

The arts teach us to work together for a common good.

The arts inspire the mind and heart, with lasting permanence.

The arts express the values that the next generation will internalize.

The arts change minds and perspectives.

The arts nurture the human heart, a forgotten element in modern education.

The arts feed the mind and challenge the body.

The arts inspire in us the most powerful human feeligns love, awe, and devotion.

The arts are a bedrock block of human living and life, and have been fundamental to every known culture.

The arts are what make us human.

November 2, 2017