Plague Craft

To be an artist is to create. Ideas do not write, paint, sing, or craft: artists do.

To be an artist, do your work.

History tells us that plagues and wars are the norm. That doesn’t make living through the spread of a highly infectious global disease any less dangerous or stressful. It does wipe some smudges off of our perspective, though. Reading a little history always makes me see more clearly.

Art didn’t go extinct during the Black Death. Or while the Roman Empire collapsed. Or when Alexander pillaged half the earth. Art has thrived (and sometimes even boomed) in the midst of war, famine, and death.

For profound reasons, artists feel ‘whole’ only when they are doing their work. I don’t believe that’s an accident, biologically or spiritually. When you do the work you are meant to do, when your actions are aligned with your purpose, good things happen.

Remember that. You feel whole when you do your work.

It was true before COVID-19 and it will be true after COVID-19.

Artists: Get off your ass. Get to your work. That is our path.

May 12, 2020