Learn Anything, Study Less: Free Access For You

Write in a dozen programming languages, sing opera in five languages, direct a national ad agency, play poker at a pro level, consult for mid-cap businesses around America, conduct choral ensembles, work as a graphic designer, work as a recording studio session artist, and earn three university degrees with 3.9 GPAs. All at the same time. While having friends, a social life, getting married, and having kids.

Here’s the takeaway: I’m not special. I did (do) all that stuff, yep, but that’s not nearly as important as this: I am not special.

Despite all of my Very Regular Human Being qualities, I have learned how to learn new skills rapidly, by studying less, with less stress, with time off for hobbies and goofing, and living a meaningful life.

I'm telling you today that you can learn anything, and study less. Much less! Sounds like marketing bull feathers, but. It’s true.

The thump-thud-squeeze through the juice press of Modern Work Life isn’t actually the required way of life. There’s a better way. Part of that better way is to master learning, which is the keystone skill in the modern knowledge economy.

There is a better way. Or at least, there might be. You just need me to prove it to you.

I didn’t believe, and wouldn’t have believed a stranger on the internet saying “learn anything, study less.” Instead, what I did was buy wholesale into a number of the popular myths our culture and education system feed us. I lived them out to their logical ends. Things like:

There's a problem

Constant stress, health problems, over work, and overwhelm. It’s no way to live. (Although I did. Maybe you did to.) We can both agree that it’s certainly not the way to live that will help you rapidly acquire the kind of highly valued skills that the modern world demands. And then in 3 years demands another skill set. And you have to rapidly acquire those, all without burning out.

Like you, the only reason I’ll believe something is because it works consistently over time. Because if you test it, it works. And you test it again, and it still works. Then you can hang your hat on it.

Most of the time when we try something, however, it doesn’t quite work out. But learning that something is not true or not useful makes up a majority of our experiences since what is not useful far outweighs what is. That’s a huge and misunderstood part of the process!

I’m writing this to tell you that I’ve wasted thousands of hours and many years on earnest but misguided learning efforts, until I slowly uncovered a process for learning at the intersection of science and hard won experience.

I’d like to save you years of your life, and give you the quintessential very best of what I’ve learned along the way. (For honest-to-goodness free.)

Learn by studying less

I am producing a brand new course, temporarily titled "Learn Anything, Study Less" where I will share only the most valuable methods to massively increase your rate of learning while studying less, teach you how to individualize your approach, and I want to share it with the readers of this blog for free.

I don’t develop, write, and shoot courses for money. I do it because I get an extraordinary, deep satisfaction when I know I’ve been able to help someone else thrive in life. And I can't think of a more valuable thing to teach than how to learn.

I publish on platforms like SkillShare and Udemy because it costs money to write and shoot courses, as well as host materials on this website. They help me cover basic expenses and increase my impact, so I like them. Regardless, readers of this blog can access this course for free.

To get free access to Learn Anything, Study Less, just sign up here before August 31, 2021, and you’ll get the course for free, no questions asked. (Get the course link and unsubscribe to my email list if you like: no hard feelings!) Any questions, drop me a note.

This is going to be the best course I've ever published, and I can't wait to put these powerful learning tools in your hands. They changed my life, and I know they can change yours.

I can’t wait to see what you learn and achieve!

June 16, 2021