How to find the best online teachers

How can you know if a teacher is real? Is worth your time? How can you pick a teacher to study with? Are online teachers worth paying? How can you find the best online teachers?

Smart to ask because bad teachers: they don’t just waste your time. They teach you bad habits that you later have to unlearn. Unlearning takes 3x as long as learning to begin with. Ouch! You are wise to be skeptical.

Say “NO” to 99% of the teachers and “content creators.” That’s the right approach.

But I’ve had my life transformed by bona fide, expert online teachers too! So how do you find that 1%?

Just before you pick a teacher, shoot them an email and ask for

If a teacher has all that, there’s a good chance they’re worth a shot. It’ll take you 5 minutes to get that info, and that email can potentially save you dozens and dozens of hours.

Here’s an email template you can copy and paste:


Thanks for your time reading my email! I am interested in taking one of your courses. To help me feel more confident, would you mind sending me the following?

Thank you!

[your name]

March 5, 2023