Fasting for freedom

In the end, I don’t think it’s really that hard to know what’s important. We’ve got an infinite number of cliches, proverbs, and philosophies refined over millennia, teaching us all of this anyways.

But living is hard.

Transforming is.

Becoming is.

Today I try to spend very little time on trying to know what’s important, but most of my time on becoming the person that lives it.

One of the things that helps me most is fasting. Hunger is about as fundamental as instinctual desires get. And fasting provides a benefit at that same instinctual level.

For me, fasting provides a sense of freedom and self control, at the deepest level. And since we all feel hungry just a few hours after eating, it takes only a few hours a day of fasting for me to see a substantial mental benefit.

I would credit fasting as maybe the most effective tool I’ve used to strengthen my mind and to break free from mindlessness in life. To empower me to focus on what matters and easily drop what doesn't.

For my fellow students also working on their own transformation, it just might be something to consider.

April 25, 2023