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Learn to Sing High Notes in 9 Lessons

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This course teaches you (1) how your voice works, (2) what exactly happens in your body that makes the high notes hard, and (3) how to train and with what exercises.

The Singer's Breath

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"I run out of breath when I sing." "My voice gets tired." "I can't sing as powerfully as I would like." "I don't know how to get better at breathing."

That's what this course is here to change! Learn how the breath works, how to train your own body to breathe for better singing, and follow a 3-week narrated training program (with video demonstrations of all exercises) that's pulled directly from my professional studio.

Recent Reviews

Nikolai Fredriksen says

It is so, so hard to find quality voice teachers online. Edward does a fantastic job of teaching, and explaining difficult concepts in a simple way. He's able to put himself in the students point of view, and has a very enjoyable way of teaching compared to most other "salesman" singing teachers. Would absolutely love more courses! 10/10

Bernard Tesnar says

This course was excellent as I viewed it all in one sitting. Now the proof will be in the results from practicing. Looking forward to improved high notes and more confident singing in my local choir.

Evelyn Rosner says

Thanks bunches, Edward for your wonderful explanations. I had three years vocal training and needed your class to learn so much why I do need all these exercises before singing. Great class.

Ian Taker Walsh says

This class exceeded my expectations!